Wren Booker was three when she was found catatonic and covered in blood on the streets of New York. Since that day, she's been haunted by a childhood she can't remember. After decades of searching, Wren stumbles upon a cryptic website streaming multiple CCT feeds from strange rooms in a ruined building and something clicks, setting off hidden memories that lead her back to a place she's seen in lifelong nightmares. Hunting for answers, Wren breaks into the building, but instead finds herself entangled in the camera-filled dark mazes of a decayed social experiment known only as BLINK.

Chapter list

Name Released date
Blink (2022-) #3 Sep 21, 2022 Read
Blink (2022-) #2 Aug 31, 2022 Read
Blink (2022-) #1 Jul 27, 2022 Read