Professor Charles Xavier’s first students — as you’ve never seen them before! Class is in session as Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, Beast and Iceman learn what it means to be X-Men — and find their place in the emerging Marvel Universe! Spring Break in Florida may sound fun…but fighting for survival against the Lizard in the Everglades isn’t what they had in mind! More uncanny encounters await for the young mutants, with Doctor Strange, Thor — and the alien, shape-shifting Skrulls! But are the X-Men ready for…Gorilla Man?! And when the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants strikes, will the team be beaten…or bewitched? Jean Grey finds a role model in the Invisible Woman — and mayhem awaits on Monster Island! Enjoy first class adventures starring the original X-Men! COLLECTING: X-Men: First Class (2006) 1-8, X-Men: First Class Special (2007) 1, X-Men: First Class (2007) 1-3

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X-Men: First Class - Mutants 101 (2022) #TPB Sep 18, 2022 Read